About The Studio

Old School Studio is a photographic studio and location set on the entire top floor of a classic Victorian school in East London. 


Originally built in 1906, the studio has a wealth of original architectural features - vaulted ceiling, parquet floor, pine stage and blue and cream Victorian tiling

An extremely flexible space that can easily be transformed into anything from a modern penthouse, to an artist's loft to an airy, minimal studio.

A bank of south facing windows and skylights on every side of the building provide incredible daylight while full studio power (up to 3 phase) allows complete flexibility of shooting.

A large range of props and furniture is available - industrial and decorative, antique, mid-century and contemporary

Located in E1 with easy transport links and plenty of available local parking, Old School Studio combines the style and character of a vintage location with the convenience and capabilities of a modern studio.

For all enquiries:

Call Josh on 07956 543 683

or Email: theoldschoolstudio@icloud.com